About Us

Ginger's Kitchen is a small batch bakehouse in Brisbane, Australia specializing in premium cookies and cakes. 

Inspired by delicious treats we have enjoyed in our childhood and travels overseas, our menu is both nostalgic + creative. 

Each of our products are lovingly handmade using fresh, local ingredients and baked with utmost care and attention.


About Ginger Mendoza,  founder + chef

Ginger Mendoza grew up with the beautiful smells and flavours of her grandmother’s baking in Manila. It was a natural transition to pursue cooking as a career.

She started her culinary education at 16 and further trained in classical French cuisine and patisserie at Institut Paul Bocuse, France. She had an extensive career as a private chef cooking on board Superyachts that voyaged around the world thus expanding her repertoire by staging in Michelin starred restaurants in France and Belgium and using local ingredients to the region.

Her love for baking came later on in her career but her love for anything sweet has always been there (Sweet is her middle name after all!). She loves the process of transforming simple, natural ingredients like butter, sugar and flour into something that could be the centerpiece of wonderful celebrations, connections and invoke beautiful memories.


​"The Best Food Is Food Cooked From The Heart"- Ginger Mendoza